npp side effects

It has a rapid effect (latent period – 1 to 3 minutes). The duration of anesthesia is not less than 45 min.
Because of the low content of epinephrine in the preparation skip la cour bodybuilding nutrition npp side effects of its effect on the cardiovascular system is expressed slightly: almost no marked increase in blood pressure and increased heart rate.

Protein binding artikaina plasma is 95%. After injection into the submucosa oral half-life averages 25 minutes. The drug is minimally crosses the placental barrier, little is excreted in breast milk. Articaine excreted from the body mainly through the kidneys.


Infiltration and conduction anesthesia in dentistry (including patients with concomitant severe somatic diseases):


  • uncomplicated removal of one or more teeth;
  • treatment of cavities and teeth npp side effects grinding before prosthetics.Contraindications. Hypersensitivity to articaine, epinephrine, or any other component of the drug
    Since the preparation contains epinephrine, it is contraindicated in the following cases:. In paroxysmal tachycardia and other cardiac arrhythmias alphagen pharmaceuticals, as well as closed-form of glaucoma
    should not be used for anemia (including including B-12 deficiency anemia), methemoglobinemia, hypoxia.
    Can not be used in patients with bronchial asthma with hypersensitivity to sulfites.
    The efficacy and safety of the drug in children younger than 4 years of age has not been studied.Dosing and AdministrationIn uncomplicated removal of the upper jaw teeth in the absence of inflammation is usually injected into the submucosa in the transition folds from the vestibular side ultrakain . In rare cases, it requires additional administration from 1.7 ml to 1 ml to achieve full anesthesia. From painful palatal injections in most cases can be waived. For anesthesia palatine suture sections and to create a depot palatal need about 0.1 ml per injection of anesthetic. When you delete pharma testosterone several adjacent teeth number of injections can usually be limited.
    In the case of the removal of the premolars of the mandible in the absence of inflammation can be dispensed with mandibular anesthesia, as infiltration anesthesia provided by injection of 1.7 ml per tooth is usually sufficient. If in this way did not achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to perform an additional injection of 1-1.7 ml of the anesthetic into the submucosa in the transitional fold of the lower jaw from the vestibular side. If in this case did not reach full anesthesia is necessary to blockade the mandibular nerve.
    When surgery articainenpp side effects on the severity and duration of the intervention dosed individually. When performing a medical procedure an adult can be administered to 7 mg articaine (articaine) per 1 kg of body weight. It was noted that the patients tolerated doses up to 500 mg (corresponding to 7 cylindrical ampoules).
    Contraindicated intravenous use!
    You can not perform an injection in the inflamed area!

    Side effect

    Depending on the dosage may occur disorders of the central nervous system: dizziness until its loss, respiratory disorders to life-threatening to stop muscle tremors and twitching of muscles up to generalized seizures, nausea, vomiting. Drop in blood pressure and heart failure may also occur with the introduction of the drug. Allergic reactions may occur: in the form of swelling or inflammation at the injection site, skin redness, itching, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, swelling of the face (angioedema) with swelling of the upper and / or lower lip, swelling of the vocal cords with a feeling of a lump in the throat and difficulty swallowing, hives, difficulty in breathing up to anaphylactic shock. Headache occurs frequently. Other side effects caused by epinephrine – tachycardia, cardiac arrhythmias, increased blood pressure – at a low concentration of 1: 200,000 (0.5 mg / 100 ml) are rare.
    Occasionally Accidental intravascular injection may appear ischemia zone until tissue necrosis at the site of injection (see. as “Important information”).
    due to the content disulphite sodium in some cases, in patients with asthma may occur hypersensitivity reactions manifested as vomiting, diarrhea, rapid breathing, acute asthma attack, disorders of consciousness or shock.

    Overdose (intoxication) drug

    Treatment is symptomatic.
    At the first signs of side effects or toxicity, such as nausea, motor restlessness, dizziness during injection, it should be discontinued, the patient translate in horizontal position, clear the airway, control heart rate and blood pressure. It is recommended, even if the symptoms do not seem too severe, provide intravenous access. When respiratory disorders, depending on the severity, give oxygen, in some cases to carry out artificial respiration. Central analeptics contraindicated. Muscle twitching or generalized convulsions removed by intravenous injection of a barbiturate or a short-acting.
    Drop in blood pressure, tachycardia or bradycardia, often eliminated when transferring patients buy ephedra in a horizontal position. In severe circulatory disorders and shock of any origin after stopping injections shown extraordinary measures: airway (oxygen insufflation), intravenous infusion fluid (electrolyte solution), glucocorticosteroids. Additionally, you can enter the plasma expanders albumin.
    When threatened violation of circulation and increasing bradycardia injected 0.25 ml to 1 ml of epinephrine. Intravenous injection of epinephrine alpha pharma must be carried out slowly under the control of heart rate and blood pressure.
    A single dose npp side effects of intravenous injection of epinephrine should not exceed 0.1 mg, if necessary, further be administered epinephrine infusion  . Severe tachycardia and tachyarrhythmia can be eliminated using antiarrhythmic drugs, but do not were to buy anabolic steroids use non-selective beta-blockers. Oxygen delivery and control of circulation needed anyway. When the increase in blood pressure in patients with hypertension, should, if necessary, to apply the peripheral vasodilators.