Perhaps the development of serious neurological complications. It is recommended to carefully monitor the patient’s condition.

To prevent a large number of drug phenylpropanoate in the ventricles of the brain should be made as far as possible the full aspiration of contrast medium. In case of erroneous supplement guide excess dose of the drug when administered under the lining of the brain, it is necessary to carefully monitor the manifestations expressed disorders of the nervous system at least during the first 12 hours. These symptoms may be the growing increase in reflexes or tonic-clonic muscle spasms, in severe cases, the involvement of the central nervous system – generalized seizures, hyperthermia, respiratory depression and stupor.

Interactions with other drugs and other forms of interaction Biguanides (metformin) in patients taking biguanides with intravascular administration of phenylpropanoate possible accumulation of the drug biguanide and the development of lactic acidosis. To prevent this complication, you should stop taking biguanide for 48 hours before the what is tamoxifen contrast studies and not to renew it at least for 48 hours after the administration of contrast agent. Resume taking them should be only after the restoration of renal function.

The simultaneous use of neuroleptics and antidepressants may reduce the seizure threshold, increasing the risk of reactions associated with the use of a contrast agent.

Patients taking beta-blockers may be resistant to the drugs having a beta-agonist activity, used for the treatment of hypersensitivity reactions .

Interleukin-2: the risk of long term effects in response to increases in preliminary treatment (for several weeks) -2 interleukin patients.

  • Effect on diagnostic tests

Radioisotopes: for several weeks after administration of phenylpropanoate drug absorption is a decrease thyritropic isotopes by the thyroid gland, which reduces their effectiveness for the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases.

special instructions

  • Proposals for diet

You can stick to the usual diet, but in the last 2 hours before the study should refrain from eating.

  • fluid intake

Before and after intravascular injection or Ultravist under meninges should consume adequate amounts of liquid. Of particular importance this has for patients estrogenolit with multiple myeloma, diabetes mellitus, polyuria, hyperuricemia, as well as to infants, small children, patients in advanced age.

  • Newborns (<1 month) and young children (1 month-2 years)

Infants (under one year) and especially newborns are characterized by sensitivity to electrolyte imbalance and haemodynamic disorders. Attention should be given a dose of the contrast agent, technical support and radiological examination of the patient.

Ultravist as a low-osmolar water-soluble contrast agent used older due to the fact that these patients have an increased risk of aspiration, intestinal obstruction and penetration of contrast agent from the intestinal lumen during routine investigations of the gastrointestinal tract in newborns, infants and children peritoneal cavity.

  • Fear

If you have a state of excitement, anxiety and pain may increase the risk of side effects or the intensity of the reactions caused by contrast medium. Such patients may have a sedative.

  • Warming contrast agent before use

The contrast medium which has been warmed to body temperature prior to administration, better tolerated and easier to enter due to the decrease in viscosity of the solution. Heated in an oven to 37 ° C is only that amount of drug that is expected to be used. In the protection from daylight heating for a longer period does not alter the chemical purity of the preparation, but more than three months should not be exceeded.

  • Conduct pre-test

Using a small amount of contrast agent is not suitable for the sensitivity of the test, as it has no prognostic value. Moreover, conducting such testing itself can phenylpropanoate lead to serious adverse reactions.

  • Hypersensitivity

Sometimes, after applying non-ionic contrast media such as Ultravist observed allergic like hypersensitivity reactions (see. Side effects), or other manifestations of idiosyncrasy on the part of the cardiovascular, respiratory system and skin. Usually these reactions, the severity of which may be moderate to severe inject testosterone cypionate, including shock, occur within one hour after the administration of contrast agent. However, in rare cases can develop delayed reactions (hours to days).

Patients with known hypersensitivity to Ultravist or any of its components or to previously took place hypersensitivity reaction to any other yodsodsrzhaschemu contrast agents, there is an increased risk of hypersensitivity reactions, which require carefully weigh the benefit / risk ratio.

Patients with giperchuvstvitelnostyo or previously took place reactions to iodinated contrast media are at increased risk to develop serious reactions. However, such reactions are rare and unpredictable.

The risk of allergic reactions is increased in the following cases:

– In the presence of previously occurring reactions to iodinated contrast media – if you have a history of asthma or other allergic diseases.

In patients with severe cardiovascular disease phenylpropanoate have an increased risk of severe or even fatal side effects.

Due to the possibility of severe hypersensitivity reactions after administration of contrast agent after the procedure is necessary to observe the condition of the patient.

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