In order to avoid intravascular injection is fundamentally necessary to carry out the test for aspiration, which when used cartridges are especially suitable injection syringes Uphenylpropionate the vario.
The injection pressure must match the sensitivity of the fabric.
In order to prevent infections (including hepatitis) must be ensured bulking for ectomorphs, that whenever domestic liquor from bottles or vials are always used new sterile syringes and needles. Opened cartridges can not be used again for other patients!
Do not use a damaged cartridge for injection. Maximum security against glass breakage and flawless operation is ensured by accessories such as stands for syringes (infiltration anesthesia: phenylpropionate vario; intraligamentarnaya anesthesia: Ultraject).
Eating is possible only on the sensitivity of the return.

Interaction with other drugs

Action vasoconstrictors that increase blood pressure iron guru, such as agonists, such as epinephrine, can be enhanced by tricyclic antidepressants or  inhibitors. Similar observations have been reported for concentration of norepinephrine 1: 25,000 epinephrine and 1: 80,000 as vasoconstrictors. The concentration of epinephrine in articaine.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding

For surgical interventions during pregnancy is considered advanced anabolic secrets sparing local anesthesia anesthesia method. Articaine passes through the placental barrier in less than other local anesthetics. Due to the very rapid fall in the level of articaine and its rapid clearance from the body it enters the mother’s milk in clinically insignificant amounts. Therefore, to interrupt breast-feeding is not required.

Effects on driving ability

Local anesthesia articaine phenylpropionate, as shown guide to steroids by tests, does not cause any significant deviation from the normal ability to participate in road traffic.

Method of production :

Ampoules: 2 ml of a clear colorless glass vial (type I). 10 vials are placed in a cardboard box with instructions for use. Cartridges: 1,7 ml cartridge in a transparent, colorless glass (type I). 10 cartridge in a blister made of Pphenylpropionate aluminum foil or a block of corrugated cardboard. On 10 blisters, or blocks of corrugated cardboard in the cardboard box with the instructions for use.