test phenylpropionate

mechanism of action anastaltic is based on the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, resulting in a weakening of the intestinal motility.

In addition to the oppression of the digestive tract motility deca durabolin, test phenylpropionate has antispasmodic, antisecretory, astringent and enveloping effect.

Indications for use of non-specific acute and chronic diarrhea:

  • diarrhea associated with allergic reactions;
  • diarrhea caused by psycho-emotional factors;
  • diarrhea caused by disorders of metabolism and absorption of nutrients;
  • “Travelers’ diarrhea” caused by a change in diet and eating habits regime.

As an aid for diarrhea of infectious origin.

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to the drug, the treatment of cardiac glycosides, pregnancy, lactation, children under 1 year.

Pregnancy and lactation In experimental studies, teratogenic, mutagenic properties test phenylpropionate has not been revealed. So far no reports of any malformation when using the drug. Since clinical experience with the drug in pregnant and lactating women is very limited phenyl propanoate, the use Usara ® during pregnancy and lactation is not shown.

Dosing and Administration Inside, regardless of meals. Adults: initial dose on the first day – 25 ml of syrup once, in the following days – 5 ml 3-6 times a day until the normalization of the chair. School-age children (7 to 16 years ): initial dose at the first day of 5.7 ml of the syrup in the following days 3-4 ml 3-6 times a day. preschool children (between 2 and 6 years) at 2.1 ml 3-6 times a syrup . day Children from age 1 to 2: 0.5 ml of the syrup, 3 times a day.

Side effects: Allergic reactions.

Interactions In an application with calcium supplementation, saluretikami or during prolonged therapy with cortisol may cause cardiac arrhythmias.

Cautions If diarrhea is longer than 2 days, is accompanied by test phenylpropionate a high fever, and if there is blood in the stool impurities mesterolone, you should immediately consult a doctor.

In children, the drug should be used under medical supervision in order to avoid overdose.

Children up to 6 years of age must as basic therapy buy steroids online used oral rehydration therapy. The course of treatment should not exceed 7 days